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Top 5 Recommended Lotions For Pregnancy Belly

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The researches state that nearly 75% of women will have stretch marks when pregnant. The bad news is you will get stretch marks not only from pregnancy but also from weight gain and fast growth during puberty. So, let’s find out what best lotion of some great writers and contributors use for their stretch marks.

Most of women who have stretch marks during pregnancy will find the white and even purple lines on their tummy, arms, breasts and thighs. It happens when your skin expands quickly which damages its elastic tissue.

How to avoid stretch marks during pregnancy?

best lotion for pregnancy bellyThe experts say that genetics is the main factor in determining whether you will have those stretch marks or not.

Dr. Julie Scott declares that the babies inherit their parent’s skin patterns. As the result, this Scottsdale Perinatal Associates’ expert says that moms who have birth more than once are more vulnerable to get stretch marks.

That’s why many women are trying hard to find a miracle lotion help them avoid their stretch marks.

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So, What is the Best Lotion for Pregnancy Belly?

The following are the lists of best lotion for pregnancy belly you can choose for your stretch marks:

1. Palmer’s Cocoa Butter for Stretch Marks

It costs only $5 (

The most popular one. This lotion is the cheapest on our list. It contains every single ingredient needed for skin elasticity: collagen, vitamin E, elastin, cocoa and shea butter—definitely safe for your pregnancy.

“I used this and didn’t have any stretch marks on my abdomen. It made me feel great and not itchy. But, no lotions are actually proven 100% effective. All doctors I interviewed said that genetics are the man behind the scene. Just stay hydrated. So, drink up tons of water to stay hydrated. That’s it!”

— Molly Smith, a writer of

2. Neutrogena Body Oil

It costs $9 (

“Though many say it’s all about genetic, but it proves wrong on me. My mother had scary stretch marks on her tiny belly. When I am pregnant, my belly stretched a hundred miles and guess what? Yes. I even didn’t have a scratch! Thanks God. I was desperate to use anything in my first trimester. But, I bought Neutrogena Body Oil and two decades later, I still use it.”

— Mary Fetzer, a blogger and writer of

3. California Baby Lotion

It costs $21 (

“It did intended for babies, moms! But, I used it (and I like it very much) due to it has great score at the Cosmetic Safety Database. Actually, I don’t have any ideas whether any stretch mark prevention is existing or not. I had stretch marks in my previous pregnancies but didn’t have any this last time. But, this lotion really made my skin feel awesome!”

— Monica Beyer, a writer of

4. Coconut Body Butter

It costs $21 (

“My only favorite! Yet it didn’t avoid stretch marks on my belly, it done great when I was feeling crazy itchy on my abdomen. It had so good fragrance.”

— Crystal Patriarch, an editor of

5. Mustela Double Action Stretch Mark Cream

It costs $46 (

The most expensive in our list!

“It surely did a great job. When I read “double action” on its label, whatever it means, I felt overwhelmed. It worked great! No stretch mark in sight! I absolutely will buy it again in my next pregnancy.”

— Josée Laflèche, an editor and international marketer

Final Thought

Although these lotions don’t work for every pregnant woman, at the least they will overcome your itchy skin. That’s why they are worth a try. If your best lotion for pregnancy belly fails to fix you stretch marks, talk to your doctor for any other treatments, such as laser therapy or Retin-A.

And even after all of these effort you still have stretch marks, take it easy! There are many others outside do the same!

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