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Top 15 Bellyaching Best Pregnancy Jokes

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Pregnancy must be a very wonderful and unforgettable moment for any pregnant women. However, there are so many things that can just affect our moods during the pregnancy. It can be starting from the pregnancy symptoms like dizziness, morning sickness and others. Besides, the pain around your back and others can really make anything seem worse.

But, there are actually some ways we can do in order to improve our mood. One of them is by reading or listening the funny pregnancy jokes, teen pregnancy jokes and even fake pregnancy jokes!

best pregnancy jokesOnce E.E. Cummings wrote, “The most wasted of all days is the one without any laughter.”

You may agree with him or not. But, what’s is really much better than best pregnancy jokes when dealing with all of changes to your body?

Because laughter is, many say so, the best medicine indeed, then here are the best pregnancy jokes clean to keep you happily ‘bellyaching’ all the way home… or the bathroom.

So, what are the best pregnancy jokes that can really make you laugh and smile?

Best Pregnancy Jokes Ever: the First 10!

1. Can we have a baby after 35?
Absolutely no! 35 children are surely more than enough.

2. Is being pregnant is like being a child again?
Of course, it is because there is always somebody that will tell you what you have to do.

3. Why do many people smile at me when more pregnant I get?
It is because you are clearly fatter than them.

4. What is the better activity for pregnant woman aside of eating for two?
Well, it is shopping for two.

5. Being pregnant, how does it feel?
It is like a tired and weak superhero who wants to eat all the time and she isn’t allowed to lift any heavy objects.

6. What is the most accurate method to know the baby’s sex?

7. How many days are in a month?
Well, each month has around 30-31 days. However, the last month of pregnancy is exactly like 270 days.

8. The doctor says that giving a birth isn’t painful, we’re just under pressure. Is it right?
Yes, it is exactly just the same way as you say that tornado is very similar to an air current.

9. What is the difference between a light bulb and a pregnant woman ?
You can always unscrew a light bulb.

10. I’m around 7 months pregnant and people said to me that I’m so big. So, what should I reply?
Thanks, so are you.

And the Last 5…

11. The girlfriend: Honey, I am pregnant. What do you really want it to be?
The boyfriend: A joke.

12. What will you do to get a nice blonde to marry you?
Tell her she’s pregnant.

13. Husband: My wife is 4 months pregnant. She’s so moody and sometimes irrational.
The Doctor: So, what’s your question?

14. My baby born last months. When will my life back to normal again?
When your kids enter the college.

15. I’m currently 3 months of pregnancy. Tell me, when will my baby move?
Well, if you’re pretty lucky, right after he finishes the college.

Quite bellyaching , right?

Of course, pregnancy is probably painful and often changing your moods. However, you should still keep smile. It is actually a kind of happiness that not all people may be able to experience it.

So, do you have your own best pregnancy jokes?

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