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Best Pregnancy Lingerie: Simple Bra Buying Tips

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One of the signs of healthy pregnancy is the growing breasts. Many pregnant women would see the difference on their breasts at about the second trimester. Your body starts to prepare your breasts for feeding duties, so you face the problem that your regular bras are not fitting for your breasts anymore.

It is time for you to wear maternity bra.

However, finding the best pregnancy lingerie is not as easy as you might think, no matter how veteran you are in buying fashion bras. It’s because buying maternity bra doesn’t have the same rules like you buy fashion bra.

Therefore, we provide you some tips how to choose best pregnancy lingerie, especially maternity bras, so that you feel comfortable during the pregnancy.

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Best Pregnancy Lingerie Buying Guides

best pregnancy lingerie1. Be More Specific

Maternity bra is not just the bigger cup and the larger girth. It has specific design and construction to support the breasts during the pregnancy. So, buy the specific maternity bra and not the bigger fashion bra.

2. Buy More

Yes. For healthy reason, you should wash your bra often. That means having maternity bra more than one is necessary, so that you still have clean bra while the rest of your bras are laundered.

You may have to buy pregnancy lingerie multiple times during the pregnancy. The maternity bras you bought at the first trimester may not fit anymore when you come into the second trimester as well as at the third trimester.

3. Bigger isn’t Always Good

Discard the idea of buying the bigger maternity bras, so you could wear them till the end of pregnancy. This bigger bras won’t support your breasts properly.

Therefore, buy the best pregnancy lingerie which is really fit to your current breasts and buy again when your breast already outgrow the bras.

4. Limit the Use of Underwire Bras

Underwire bras can support the breast, but don’t take them on for long hours. They can put pressure on your breasts and lead to an uncomfortable feeling.

Fitting Tips

1. Band Sizes

Put a measuring tape around your body just under the arm. If you get an uneven number for the band size, round the number up to the next even number.

2. Cup Sizes

Put a measuring tape around your body and the fullest part of your breasts.

Each time you buy maternity lingerie, always try them on!

The best pregnancy lingerie will support your breasts comfortably. Its cup will cover your breasts properly and the band will round your body at the same level, not riding up in the back.

Thank you for reading!

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