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Best Pregnancy Spa Treatment During Pregnancy

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During the pregnancy, you may get used to fatigue, back pain, bloating, and swelling. It will be so nice if you can pamper yourself even just for a moment.

Visiting spa treatment in town can be a good option for you. It makes you relax and forget all the problems you have during the pregnancy. To maximize the benefits of spa treatment, you can follow our tips below. Have a look.

3 Best Pregnancy Spa Treatment

1. Spa Massage

best pregnancy spaMassage can relieve muscles pain and any discomforts you may feel during the pregnancy. It is recommended to do the massage when you are already in advance stages of pregnancy at least in second trimester.

In first trimester, your pregnancy is still sensitive that massages may cause miscarriage.

Don’t book the appointment in random spa facilities. Make sure you book the appointment with professional masseuses who are specialized in massaging pregnant women. They have vast knowledge about what dos and don’ts in dealing with pregnant women.

They usually provide well-equipped facilities to make sure their clients are comfortable and relax during massage. Tell your masseuse when you feel discomfort, so that she can do something to relieve your discomfort.

2. Aromatherapy Session

Essential oils makes you feel relax and reduce the pains and aches you felt all along. However, not all essential oils are safe for pregnant women. Some essential oils can induce the uterus contraction or give hallucinogenic effects.

When you book the session at the best pregnancy spa facilities, ask the therapists what oils and dilutions they used for the session.

Check the combination whether it is safe for your pregnancy or not. Just for safety reason, don’t do aromatherapy session in the first trimester.

Your pregnancy is not strong enough to handle the effects of essential oils. Your smell in the first trimester is still sensitive that the aroma of essential oils may cause nausea to you.

3. Saunas and Jacuzzis

Hormonal changing during the pregnancy make your body temperature raise. Increasing body temperature will lead to increasing blood flow in vascular system. The heat in saunas and Jacuzzis make your body temperature increase even more.

Your body will compensate it by drawing the more blood to the skin so that the inner heat can be released from the surface of the skin.

But it will lead to other consequent.

That is decreasing blood supply to brain. This can make you dizzy and lose your conscious. Thus, don’t go to saunas and Jacuzzis when you visit the best pregnancy spa facilities.

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