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7 Causes Of Teenage Pregnancy You Should Be Aware

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Teenage pregnancy refers to the unplanned pregnancy during the adolescent ages around 13-19 years old. The last report of the American College of Ob/Gyn shows that it’s roughly about 800,000 reports of 13 to 19-year-old become unplanned pregnant every year.

The bad news is many teenagers do not believe that they will get pregnant if they engage in sexual activity. This is why most of teenage pregnancy cases are unintended pregnancy.

Every year the schools give information about reproduction to their students in order to raise the awareness of teenage pregnancy, but the rate of teenage pregnancy is still high.

causes of teenage pregnancyEvent though some teen pregnancies are planned, the most of them are unintended.

This of course results in  a lot of negative impacts for the teenage moms, the family, peers and the child itself.

That’s why we who care about this issue have to learn more thoroughly what causes of teenage pregnancy. Because by minimizing all the causes, we all hope that this issue will significantly decrease in near future.

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7 Main Causes of Teenage Pregnancy

1. Drugs and Alcohol

Most of unintended pregnancy during adolescent is caused by drugs and drinking. Adolescent is the age stage where teenagers like to try something new including experiment with drugs and alcohol.

Teenagers don’t realize how drugs and alcohol can cloud their logical thinking and lead them to unprotected sexual activities that lead to unintended teenager pregnancy.

2. Lack of Knowledge

The young girls who don’t have good education about sex are easier to experience an unplanned pregnancy. They don’t completely know the emotional and biological aspect of doing an intimate relation between two.

Those teenagers might get wrong direction from movies, friends, websites and/or videos. They are surely lack of knowledge that teen pregnancy can completely change their life.

3. Low Social Economic Status

Generally, low social economic status can lead to several causes of teenage pregnancy.

Teenagers who raise in poor families do not have enough resources to support their knowledge about reproduction. Their knowledge is not enough to raise the awareness about unprotected sexual activities.

They do not know how to get contraceptives or how to use them properly. They simply do sex without considering what would happen later.

4. Rape or Sexual Abuse

This is often happened in poor environment.

Living in small house where it is impossible to get a privacy make young kids vulnerable to family sexual abuse. Negative environment also raise the risk of sexual abuse.

Sexual abuse makes young kids lose their trust to adults and affects their development in adolescent stage. Eventually it increases the risk of teenage pregnancy.

5. Peer Pressure

Peer pressure is one of the most common causes of teenage pregnancy.

Teenagers often feel pressure to have sex because they were afraid if they didn’t do it, their partners or their friends wouldn’t like them anymore and would be bullying them in public.

The pressure they had is so big, so that they do the sex anyway even though they are not ready for sexual activities and don’t fully understand what would happened later after doing the unprotected sexual activities.

6. Poor Parenting

The young girls are prone to get pregnant in such young age if they are no guidance and lack of control of their parent. Today parents are having a busy lifestyle that inhibits them to providing the control and support to their young teenagers.

Parents are too busy increasing their financial status, so that they don’t realize that they have neglected their child in most of their child’s developmental stage. As the result, teenagers do not have a strong figure who can teach them about the life.

According to Parent Dish web, these young girls need to improve their knowledge to make any decisions on particular issues such as intimate relation between a man and a woman.

If their parents don’t even talk to her about this matter, their young girls tend to turn their intentions to their friends for directions. This absolutely will result in misinterpretation and misinformation and lead to teen pregnancy.

7. Rebellion

It has been always hard to prevent all forms of teenage rebellion because this is a stage of a normal process in their life. It’s always necessary to to watch their harmful acts under control to prevent further problem. If they want to act grown up they might indulge in risky behavior that lead to teen pregnancy.

Media influence also massively affect the teen pregnancy. Some TV-shows bring the teenagers the topic of having a child  and adult lifestyle.

They glorify those young girls to have more responsibility and the power to make decision. In the last stage, in order to express their existence and independence, they consider themselves as the only one who have control about their lives.

Hereafter, a teen may make a decision to get pregnant and have a child.

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