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If Urine Test Failed, Should I Take Free Blood Pregnancy Test?

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Urine test perhaps can be the simplest thing to know your pregnancy status since you just need to buy the tools from the drugstore and do it at home. Others may be you’ll feel fun to take online pregnancy test. But, it’s not the most accurate one.

Blood pregnancy test becomes the most popular alternative to know whether someone is pregnant or not when they skip the urine test. This blood test is no different from the home based pregnancy test.

But, it uses the blood sample, not the urine. This test also detects the existence of hCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) hormone. The analysis could complete in two parts: quantitative analysis and qualitative analysis.

Free Blood Pregnancy Test among the Others. Which is Better?

free blood pregnancy testRead also how to get blood pregnancy test.

Most women perhaps choose urine pregnancy test because it is very simple and fast result. However, sometimes the paper strip cannot work as it supposed to.

Thus, some women tend to choose blood test to for different sensitivity of the result.

Even though the home urine test frequently can obtain around 50 units of pregnancy hormone, the blood test can identify as small as 5 units of the pregnancy hormone.

This is the main reason why the home based pregnancy tests like urine test find huge popularity. At least those tests give privacy to the individual, which blood tests don’t.

Also, the blood pregnancy tests are more expensive than the home based ones.

When you plan to get this pregnancy test, here some things that you need to do in order to get effective free blood pregnancy test:

Prompt Reading

The sensitivity can make significant difference if you want to know if you are pregnant sooner. It might be better option for you to choose blood test instead of urine test if you want to know the result earlier. It is since when the urine test show the negative result, the blood test will show the positive.

Calm Your Mind

For most women, checking the pregnancy using the blood test is just an option.

If you already use home based tests and get the positive result, your ob/gyn physicians commonly will meet you again after eight weeks after your last period. The physician will confirm the pregnancy status using the trans-vaginal ultrasound.

However, trans-vaginal ultrasound sometimes also does not work effectively in checking the pregnancy right away. If this kind of condition happens, the ob/gyn physician may do the check using the free blood pregnancy test.

Will I Benefit from Them?

Even though early pregnancy is not always required but it can be very beneficial for women who are more prone to miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy. Ectopic or tubal pregnancy is a condition when the fertilized egg stays in the fallopian tubes and has not move to the uterus where it supposed to be.

To know whether someone experience this problem in the early pregnancy, she needs to meet the doctor to get a sonogram. It is important to know what happen inside and ensure that everything is fine and you have healthy pregnancy.

Besides using the sonogram, they also can use free blood pregnancy test to identify any problem in the early pregnancy.

What are the Services?

1. Complete Blood Package Test

The blood test during pregnancy is basically to know the hemoglobine level is already normal or not. If it is under the normal level, it means that you are suffering from anemia.

More than that, a complete blood package test also lets you check the condition of your leucosite.

More leucosite than normal can be an indicator that you are suffering from a kind of infection. Based on that fact, when doing the blood test, make sure that the test is provided in a complete package.

2. Blood Type Test

Another important test related your blood is regarding the blood type. Actually, this test should be done even before deciding to have a baby. Check whether the blood types of you and your spouse are compatible or not. If it is not, it can give the baby some kinds of disorder unfortunately.

Despite that scary fact, the blood type test during pregnancy is to let you know about the antibody rhesus.

Well, if your rhesus is negative while the baby’s is positive, it can also give both of you some dangerous effects. You will need more assistance during the pregnancy then to make sure that you and your baby are safe while you deliver the baby later.

3. Immunity Test

It is such a good news actually since there is a kind of blood test that let you know more about the immunity system. Yes, a mom, even if she already keeps herself healthy even before the pregnancy, it doesn’t mean that she will completely free from some kinds of diseases caused by virus or bacteria.

One of the most dangerous diseases that can attack pregnant mom is rubella. The most terrible thing is that the baby can have sorts of disabilities once the mom has it.

Therefore, checking up whether your immune system is already in a good condition or not is really important in this case.

Final Thought

Based on that fact, it is really important that your free blood pregnancy test locations must provide all of those types of test. Free blood pregnancy tests are frequently taken by the health clinics and doctors. They, of course, cannot be done at home.

However, blood tests are the most reliable in case of accuracy, on which part the home based pregnancy tests lag. And now they are available for free!

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