hair loss after pregnancy treatment and vitamins

Hair Loss After Pregnancy Treatment And Vitamins Revealed

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It’s kind of common to find yourself having hair loss after pregnancy. But if you are start losing lots of it, and you do not know what’s in earth hair loss after pregnancy treatment and vitamins needed to overcome this situation, then you should begin to get concerned that you are going to go bald!


Why is it common for women to have hair loss after pregnancy? This is due to once you have given a baby you’ll experience a huge change in your sexual hormone ratio.

Among other things, your hair condition is closely related to your levels of testosterone, progesterone and estrogen.

What Should I Do Then?

hair loss after pregnancy treatment and vitaminsWell, pregnancy is a period when a single woman has the peak level of distributing progesterone.

But, once you have produced the placenta, your progesterone level drops from 400 to nearly zero!

More on this, adjusting to life with a new born can be daunting and exciting in the same time. Hence a woman’s body quickly become exhausted.

To overcome this, it’s essential to support the renewal of progesterone size. As long as the most of progesterone after ovulation is made from the ovary, and that after the new born, ovulation doesn’t naturally begin again straightaway.

The only other source of progesterone is the adrenal glands.

However, if the adrenals are persistently stirring out the hormones of stress, they will not make acceptable number of progesterone.

Hair Loss after Pregnancy Treatment and Vitamins Needed

Here are the excellent tips to remedy your hair loss after pregnancy:

1. Sleep Well

To make sure this starts to replenish, prioritize some time for you to take a rest and sleep well. Take a refreshing yoga class or gentle walk. Take a few breathing breaks because it can drop stress levels any faster than diaphragmatic breathing.

2. Eat Smart

Eat good and real food. Make sure it is containing high amount of plants. Not only to ensure you are getting the nutrients for excellent hair health, but also due to plant foods contain ingredients unique to each plant. They help liver detoxification, materials that help to lower inflammation and improve immune function.

Have your iron and zinc levels verified by your GP. They are both necessary for healthy hair follicles. Food sources of iron include eggs, green veges red meat and dates. Lack of iron is a mainly common reason of hair loss after pregnancy in all women. Food sources of zinc include red meat, oysters and seeds.

3. Use Herbs

Include some herbs such as licorice to help restore adrenals role support and to be more highly adaptive to stress. They improve progesterone creation, and also support effective liver detoxification.

All Herbs that help this entire process include gentian, dandelion, globe artichoke and turmeric. And, broccoli is also a great support for the liver. This guy should be placed first in your vegetables list.

4. Support Your Digestion

Lastly, support good digestion, especially the gut bacteria. This bacteria can produce or reduce inflammation. The other body system is relying on the optimal functioning of the gut. Ensure you chew your real food extremely well.

Remember too, having either the juice of half a lemon in some water or a spoon of apple cider vinegar helps to promote stomach acid creation, and hence also promotes good digestion.

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Final Thought

One important thing instead of treatments listed above,  a woman who has just had a baby should take B-vitamins, vitamin C, vitamin E,  biotin and zinc and biotin through her diet. These guys are also good to reduce hair fall after pregnancy.

But keep in mind that you should consume these vitamins along with a diet containing of lots of vegetables and fruits. Keep in mind too that before planning on a vitamin supplementation program, you highly prompted to consult the doctor to ensure that you don’t carelessly overdose.

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