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8 Healthy Monster Energy Drinks For Pregnancy

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During pregnancy, everything you drink and eat plays the most important factor to your pregnancy health and baby development. You need to be well-hydrated to stay healthy.

Most pregnant women, in the first semester of pregnancy, are likely easier to drink than eat. However, to make sure your growing baby is healthy and well developed, you need to drink ‘right’ and smart.

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The pregnant moms should be aware of pregnancy energy drinks to include and exclude in their diet. Some beverages are great and some could do harm for them and their baby. And here comes for moms…

8 Best Healthy Energy Drinks for Pregnancy

energy drinks for pregnancy1. Water

This is absolutely the best and the most obvious one. While in pregnant, the need of water increases.

You need to drink each day an average 8 to 16 medium glasses of water.

The water supplies the need of H2O for your blood cells and prevent you from dehydration.

In some cases, water may prevent premature labor as well. If you like, you can mix your water with a slice of strawberry or lemon.

2. Milk

The next best.

Milk is a great calcium enhancer. It’s essential for the baby’s bone development. Just by drinking each day one glass of milk will make you stay fit.

Else, you can also try to drink milk-based beverages such as buttermilk, milkshakes or smoothies.

For better impact and taste, choose one that includes fruits and milk essence. These beverages are packed with vital element for unborn baby such as vitamin B12, protein and calcium.

3. Fruit Juices

Most kind of fruits are incredibly important to our health. What about fruit juices? Are they just similarly good?

In fact, whole fruits are much better choice.

However, don’t underestimate what fresh fruit juices can do for pregnancy. They are rich in vitamin C and antioxidant. The real energy drinks for pregnancy!

So, switch you juicer on and make some!

4. Coconut Water

The superb natural isotonic!

Coconut water helps you avoid dehydration. This micro-minerals are rich in magnesium, potassium, chlorides and electrolytes. It can lower blood pressure as well. Fresh coconut water also cures your thirsty.

5. Green Tea

One of healthy energy drinks for pregnancy that will soon make you fall in love is green tea.

If you like coffee, which is not good to consume during pregnancy, then green tea will be a great substitution. Its antioxidants will keep you stay fresh and healthy.

6. Ice Tea

Nothing is able to beat a tall glass of cool ice tea when it comes to summer!

Ice tea is a great recipe to handle your morning sickness!

But, among the other lists, ice tea is the only beverage which contains caffeine. So, be aware to limit its intake.

7. Lemonade

A long glass of cool lemonade. Who can deny it?

Another choice to ensure your vitamin C and water needs. Also, it will be a great partner for your morning sickness.

8. Vegetable Juices

You are not a fans of it? You’re not alone.

But, I remind you that you need a balance diet during your pregnancy. That’s why you still need vegetables.

And the best option to clear this situation is: make your own vegetable juice!

Broccoli, spinach, carrots, and cabbage are high amount of protein and folic acid. Carrot is also good for baby’s immunity, vision, tissue development and cells.

So, let’s start to make your own healthy pregnancy energy drinks!

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