healthy pregnancy foods first trimester

Healthy Pregnancy Foods First Trimester You Must Eat

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When it comes to pregnancy, the healthy pregnancy foods first trimester are essential to make sure the baby’s development is going well during this time.

Despite of loss of appetite, it is still very important to consume the necessary foods to get the essential nutrients for the baby development.

With proper nutrition consumed, your baby and you will get the vital goodness.

You also need to know the healthy pregnancy foods for second trimester.

The List of Healthy Pregnancy Foods First Trimester

Super Vegetables and Fruits for Pregnancy

Basically, the recommended foods to eat during the first trimester are pretty much the same of the second and third trimester.

Let’s start with vegetable list.

The first and most recommended vegetable to eat is spinach.

Spinach is rich in folic acid to help allow the proper fuse of your baby’s neural tube after the conception.

You can eat it raw or cook it. You certainly know lentils should be included in the meal plan. It is high in protein to help the proper growth of baby’s muscle and tissue.

Asparagus makes excellent vegetable choice as it is rich in vitamin D to help build the bones of your baby. It is also important to help you deal with morning sickness.

Broccoli is certainly on the list as it is very high in iron to form your baby’s red blood cells.

Beans are also important to consume as they are amazing protein sources. Protein is essential nutrient that your baby needs for the growth of muscle and energy.

Another excellent choice is collard green which is also high in iron. As for the fruits, citrus fruits are recommended as they are rich in folic acid to help prevent the birth defects.

Super Meat and Fish

healthy pregnancy foods first trimesterDuring the pregnancy, that healthy pregnancy foods first trimester are rich in protein are important. Eggs are among the recommended foods.

Eggs are rich in protein, vitamin D and calcium to help the development of your baby.

Chicken and lean beef make other excellent sources for protein. These meats are high in iron that create the red blood cells and make sure that your body gets enough oxygen.

If you love fish, wild salmon is recommended as it is high in vitamin D and calcium.

Additional Super Foods

As you have known the essential foods consisting of fruits, vegetables, meat and fish, do not forget additional foods for more nutrients.

Nuts are some of the example. Or, you can also consume cottage cheese as it contains of protein and calcium to help the development of bone and muscle.

Yogurt is a good dish to consume thanks to its vitamin D and calcium.

With the healthy pregnancy foods first trimester being consumed in daily basis, you can expect good pregnancy. For the right portion, consult with your doctor because every pregnant woman is unique.

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