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Healthy Pregnancy With PCOs And Its Treatments

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The word PCOs may sound to be quite terrifying for women. It stands for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. PCOs is indeed the most common hormone disorder that happens to women in reproductive age.

It does make the conception more difficult but not possible. So, there is still possibility for women to have healthy pregnancy with PCOs. However, you always need a good treatment to have a bigger chance of conception.

This disorder actually affects more than 5 million women in America!

So, it is already being very common.

What is PCOs Actually?

healthy pregnancy with pcosWell, it basically a condition where the eggs grow abnormally in very small fluid filled sacs inside the ovaries. When the eggs mature and the follicle breaks open, the PCOs interfere with the related process.

The condition shows that ovaries of the women having PCOs problem produce much higher androgen hormone level. As a result, the follicles are stopped from breaking open to release the eggs. Then, there is usually the absent or irregular periods.

Despite of lower opportunity for conceiving among women with PCOs, the treatments are still very effective. But if you are pregnant without having the treatments yet, there are several things you need to know.

Pregnancy with PCOs is more likely to have miscarriage due to inflammation, gestational diabetes, heart disease, prenatal depression, high blood pressure, endometrial cancer and preeclampsia.

How to Have Healthy Pregnancy with PCOs?

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So, if you want to have healthy pregnancy with PCOs, you must consult your doctor. This way, the doctor will work on your plan of attack like gaining the right weight, how to staying active and what recommended foods to eat.

It will be more likely for you to be prescribed with metformin for treatment throughout the pregnancy. This is essential medicine to limit the weight gain and lower androgen levels. Natural treatment recommended to eat in daily basis is cinnamon.

Meanwhile, there are also other treatments whether before or during the pregnancy so you can have a healthy pregnancy. The medicine is called Clomiphene Citrate that is used to stimulate ovulation and conception. However, it does have some side effects like mood changes and hot flashes.

Gonaotropin makes another common medicine to cause ovulation. And it also stimulates multiple births.

There is also medicine called Letrozole known as the most promising PCOs treatment. It works by blocking the estrogen production and increasing the hormone that stimulate follicle.

With various medicines to treat PCOs, every pregnant woman has to be extra careful during the pregnancy to keep the healthy pregnancy with PCOs. It does require more efforts but it is the responsibility of carrying a baby.

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