make your own healthy protein shakes for pregnancy

Healthy Protein Shakes For Pregnancy

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If you plan to make your own meal planner replacement shakes during pregnancy, you need to know that proteins are incredibly important for both pregnant mother and the baby. The needs of protein is highly crucial during the second and third trimester. In this stage the baby grows faster than any other stages. And in this stage, some pregnant mother’s organs enlarge as well

Any normal women need daily to consume 45 grams of protein. When they are pregnant, the need of protein increases to 75 grams daily intake.

One easy and healthy way to maintain your daily protein need is drinking some protein shakes during pregnancy. That’s why you should know the huge effects between protein shakes and pregnancy.

There are so enormous sources of proteins. Protein shakes for pregnancy are equally good and healthy. It’s important to note that before deciding to purchase some healthy protein shakes for pregnancy you should better to check the contents thoroughly to know whether they are safe for you and the baby.

Or, you can try to make your own home-made pregnancy shake recipes using below good sources of protein:

  • Beans
  • Cheese
  • Eggs
  • Fish
  • Lean
  • Meat
  • Milk
  • Poultry

make your own healthy protein shakes for pregnancyConsuming many kinds of foods during your pregnancy is very good for your pregnancy development as it will help to make sure that you have any amino acids required.

Lacking of proteins in your meals will lead to severe fluid deficiency, weight loss and any infections.

The intake of healthy protein shakes for pregnancy, just like consuming healthy meals, gives you a huge extra dietary protein.

Pregnancy protein shakes are completely safe to take as long as it doesn’t contain any artificial sweeteners, energy boosters, and herbs. Any pregnancy protein shakes with performance boosters are well suited for athletes, not expectant mother.

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Your Next Healthy Protein Shakes for Pregnancy

After knowing that not every pregnancy protein shake is safe and healthy, then it is crucial for you to check and re-check any proper ingredients and the amount of proteins include therein. Make sure this two basic ingredients are including in your protein shakes:

1. Vitamin A

Do you know that too much intake of protein shakes for pregnancy could lead to deficiency in vitamin A actually?

Vitamin A has a main role in your skin development. The fact is if you don’t have the proper amount of vitamin A you are susceptible to have any stretch marks. Lacking of vitamin A is certainly not good for both mother and the baby.

Deficiencies of this vitamin are also leading to some defects such as cleft lips and palates, heart malformations and hydrocephalus. Not enough vitamin A might also lead to having child with both asymmetrical facial and physical features.

2. Calcium

Lacking of calcium in your pregnancy protein shakes is also lead to a bad bone health. It also leads to any serious injuries when giving birth to the mother. Calcium will also support the babies to develop strong and healthy.

Without enough calcium their bones can’t perform properly and the baby is prone to suffer some nervous system disorder too.

Also it is best for pregnant women to take plant protein instead of animal protein because it is very natural, fresh and healthier.

For women who are allergic to dairy products and meat, most doctors advised to produce their own healthy protein shakes for pregnancy. And if you find that a certain source of protein gives you discomfort, it is the right time to quit taking it and soon try to another healthier protein source.

Possible Risks of Protein Shakes for Pregnancy

Some pregnancy protein shakes especially those from vegetable protein tend to contain heavy metals. Proteins from animals have lower amounts of heavy metals. It is thus important to check out the source of the protein shake you desire to consume.

As mentioned before, pregnant mother had better to avoid pregnancy shakes with synthetic, unnatural sweeteners.

Most pregnancy shakes contain saccharin as its main sweeteners. Pregnant mother are strongly prompted to avoid this ingredient because it can cause bad effects to the baby and the mother.

When making healthy shakes for pregnancy, you can choose to utilize natural honey as a main sweetener. It’s super healthy, safe and very natural. Avoid pregnancy protein shakes that contain unsafe additives such as taurine and caffeine.

Taurine is very well known to be a cause of abnormalities in the mom’s fetus. The lack of taurine during pregnancy may possibly cause some defects in childbirth. While caffeine is an ingredient that is known to rise your blood pressure and heart rate as well.

It also causes you urinate repeatedly. These two additives are definitely not good for a pregnant mother and her baby.

The final result is the expecting mothers will gradually dehydrate because they continually experience a body fluids reduction. So, try to avoid pregnancy nutrition shakes that are meant to boost energy.

Pregnancy is a very subtle state which the pregnant mothers should be aware of everything they eat and drink. If needed, it’s a good idea to consult with your doctors to know more what is good to consume and what is to avoid.

Protein shakes for pregnancy are always healthy and safe as long as they do not include therein any energy boosters, artificial sweeteners, herbs and drugs. You can try these two good pregnancy shakes as a reference: Special K Protein Shakes and Ensure Shakes Pregnancy.

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