healthy vegetarian recipes for pregnancy

Healthy Vegetarian Recipes for Pregnancy: The Spanish Omelet

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Keeping the healthy lifestyle becomes the choice for many modern people and we can make sure that they will try their best for keeping this lifestyle.

Various healthy lifestyles can be chosen such as the vegetarian diet. Being a vegetarian and at the same time pregnant is absolutely a great choice.

But, make sure that your diet plan is carefully measured and providing every nutrient and vitamin you and your baby absolutely need.

Keeping this diet during pregnancy will be very challenging because the baby needs to be supported with proper nutrients to make sure that it can grow properly.

People must not forget that the mother should also enjoy the foods properly as well.

And here is on of healthy vegetarian recipes for pregnancy you can try to support your and your baby’s nutrients need.

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Spanish Omelet with Peppadew Peppers

healthy vegetarian recipes for pregnancy


If people want to cook some healthy vegetarian recipes for pregnancy.

Of course the ingredients must be chosen carefully for making sure that the foods can be suitable to the vegetarian principals.

The ingredients to prepare to make a Spanish omelet with peppadew peppers:

  • a medium potato, peel and dice it
  • a tablespoon of olive oil
  • a red onion with small size, slice it finely
  • a small red pepper, slice it as well
  • 4 hot peppadew peppers which re-sliced
  • 4 eggs with large size
  • 50 grams of mature cheddar cheese which is grated.


  1. Steam the potato until it is almost tender. Drain it then.
  2. Cook the onion over the gentle heat 5-10 tens until it gets soft and also golden.
  3. The red pepper as well as peppadew peppers must be added to the pan and cooked.
  4. Next, the drained potatoes must be added to the pan and everything must be stirred together. They have to beat the eggs which are added with black pepper and two tablespoons water.
  5. The eggs must be poured over the mixture of vegetables.
  6. Everything must be cooked over the low heat and it must not be stirred. They also have to preheat the grill next. The pan can be shaken gently after 5-10 minutes.
  7. Cook eggs perfectly if the mixture does not move when the pan is shaken.
  8. The omelet cooking must be continued if the eggs are still runny. The process can be faster by covering the pan.
  9. If the eggs are completed, the next thing which should be done is sprinkling over the cheese. The grill becomes the next place where the omelet should go. The omelet must be cooked until the cheese gets golden color and also bubbling. The omelet can be cut in half as well as served with the green salad as perfection of one of the best healthy vegetarian recipes for pregnancy.

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