how long is a healthy pregnancy

How Long Is A Healthy Pregnancy Can Take?

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This is another important thing to know by all pregnant women. The upcoming baby must be very important for you. Every mom always counts every single week of their pregnancy. It is very important to make sure that you keep your baby until the giving birth time.

The last weeks of pregnancy is often uncomfortable and makes the mom anxious to see the baby. However, it is better to deliver the baby in a full term pregnancy if possible.

The Full Term Pregnancy Time

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The full term pregnancy is about 40 weeks or 280 days. The baby who is delivered before 37 weeks of the pregnancy is considered as a premature or preterm baby. See the list below for more details.

  • The babies born in between 23 – 28 weeks: extremely preterm baby.
  • The babies born in between 29 – 33 weeks: moderately preterm baby.
  • And if the babies born in between 34 – 37 weeks: late preterm baby.

how long is a healthy pregnancyThe health care professionals instructed that delivery should not happen before the minimum 39 weeks unless the labor start on its own or there is a valid and important medical reason.

If the baby is delivered before 39 weeks, it will increase the chance of low blood sugar, breathing problems or other health problems.It will result that the baby should be intensively treated in a neonatal intensive care unit.

That’s why you should be patient in waiting the due date and follow the answer for the question of how long is a healthy pregnancy, at least 39 weeks.

The Factors that Cause Preterm Births

Kinds of factors may cause a preterm birth. For those who have experienced a preterm baby delivering may have highest risk of the next preterm baby. Besides, other factors also could be such as abnormalities in uterine or cervical like fibroid tumors in uterus, carrying twins or more babies, etc.

The other factors that cause preterm birth are such as diabetes, blood clotting, high blood pressure, underweight or overweight, bleeding or placenta problems, late or doesn’t get prenatal care, short time among pregnancies, drinking alcohol, smoking, consuming illegal drugs, or stress.

Problems that May Occur before Due Date

Brain is the last organ that develops as long as the pregnancy period. In the last some weeks of pregnancy, the brain part that is functional for thinking will be in double size. That is why the brain weight of 35 weeks fetus will be two-thirds of 40 weeks fetus.

Besides, preterm babies may also have health issues such as difficulty to breath and keep warm, trouble in sucking and swallowing, newborn jaundice, and kinds of other health problems that demand the baby to stay in a neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

Final Thought

A normal pregnancy occurs about 9 months or 40 weeks. It’s why the babies born a few weeks before (37-39 weeks) were clearly as healthy as the babies born after 39 weeks. The medical professionals currently understand that babies grow throughout the entire 40 weeks of pregnancy.

That’s why you should know this topic about how long is healthy pregnancy. Just follow the rules if your pregnancy doesn’t have any health issues.

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