how much is a blood pregnancy test

How Much Is A Blood Pregnancy Test? Can I Afford It?

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There are some ways to determine you are pregnant or not pregnant. And the most accurate way today to determine pregnancy is a pregnancy blood test. This is the only method with almost perfect accuracy.

There are two types of tests to determine your pregnancy: quantitative blood pregnancy test and qualitative blood pregnancy test.

A quantitative test means the test determines the precise number of hCG in your body. A qualitative test means the test gives you information about your pregnancy status: yes or no.

When Can I Take a Blood Pregnancy Test?

how much is a blood pregnancy testA blood test during pregnancy can be done with perfect accuracy in 7 to 12 days after conception. In comparison, a urine pregnancy test works accurately 14 days after conception.

You can get a pregnancy blood test results nearly a week earlier than their counterparts.

However there is a wait time for you to find out the exact results, which will be discussed here in detail shortly.

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Can a Blood Pregnancy Test be Wrong? Why?

Of course! Every type of pregnancy test on earth has a slight number of errors.

The Qualitative tests have a higher error than the quantitative blood pregnancy tests. The real problem now is most new mother choose the qualitative tests because it gives sooner results but, of course, with a slightly less accurate.

A qualitative test will give you an information that you’re pregnant when it reads 25 of hCG in your body. But, a quantitative test will give you only that exact level of hCG.

As a comparison, a woman with a 100 of hCG, which is pregnant according to a qualitative test, could has a negative pregnancy due to some issues causing her 25 of hCG level to extent more than it should be.

How Much is a Blood Pregnancy Test?

Many women are curious to do a blood test for pregnancy. But there is a question comes to mind is: How much is a blood pregnancy test? Can I afford it?

A blood test for pregnancy costs you about $50 to $200 (excluding the doctor’s bill).

It is important for you to know that some tests will also be included to check for any kind of illness and disease. This frequently happens in the matter that your healthcare provider doesn’t cover the test cost.

Of course this will increase the price of the test significantly. All the tests can reach your wallet as deeper as about $900 or more. You will receive the doctor and lab’s bills in separate way, so just expect a bill only from provider following your tests.

For your safety, ask too your insurance provider if they also list a pregnancy blood test to your bill.

In the past, Planned Parenthood offers various rates from cheap to the most expensive one depending on your current level of income. But nowadays, they have stopped or underfunded these facilities so they might not present in your area.

When a test shows you a false result, you should understand that there are a lot of causes to consider. The first suspect is, the provider performs the test incorrectly or inappropriately.

The other factor could be an error happened because of the fault of the testing procedure of the labs that perform the test. Even the presence of cancer in the body has been reported to be a cause of inaccurate result.

Should I Take a Blood Pregnancy Test?

Most women will choose a home pregnancy test because it has a lower cost and you the can do it privately.

If a home pregnancy test give you a positive result, it is essential to consult with your obstetrician to have an advanced testing performed. This is the best way to ensure that your pregnancy has defined.

If the test give you a negative result, just repeat the test within a week. 6 or 7 days allows you to pass the hCG levels to extent its detectable levels. If you do the test twice and give the negative result, then it is strong possibility that pregnancy didn’t occur.

But if you are dying of a pregnancy blood test and having not enough money to cover the costs, you can take a free blood test for pregnancy.

There are some clinics that give a pregnancy blood test with affordable pricing so you can now less ignore the question about how much is a blood pregnancy test. Refer to the information they provide to know more about.

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