how to have healthy pregnancy after miscarriage

The Secret How To Have Healthy Pregnancy After Miscarriage

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After miscarriage, you may consider to try another healthy pregnancy that may be difficult for most women. The women who experience miscarriage may be wonder how to have healthy pregnancy after miscarriage.

This is normal to want become pregnant right away after through the hard times when losing the baby. However, you should wait to try again until you are ready in physically and emotionally as well.

When Do I Attempt to Try Another Pregnancy?

how to have healthy pregnancy after miscarriageThere is no perfect time to wait before trying to get pregnancy again, but for many healthcare providers encourage the woman to wait at least for few months to strengthen the healthy pregnancy change.

If the woman’s body does not ready to support the pregnancy after miscarriage, she will face the higher risk of other miscarriage. You need several times for uterus to recover and the endometrial layer getting stronger and healthy again.

Medically, you will save to get pregnancy after two or three menstrual period. Some doctors will recommend the couples to wait around six months until one year before getting the pregnancy.

How Do I Decide the Time to Try Again?

Read too the other tips how to get healthy pregnancy after miscarriage.

You can decide when you want to try again with your partner. Another pregnancy would not replace the lost pregnancy, but it may help you by focusing your attention. If you had the medical complication with your miscarriage, ensure that you discuss the plan to get the other pregnancy with your doctor first. And these are several tips to get pregnancy after miscarriage.

  1. Avoiding stress.

Stress can damage your hormones that control your ovarian to release ovulation during fertile period. As the result, your ovulation will get slower.

  1. Consume the special medicines.

After miscarriage, your doctor will give you some medicines that help you to faster your pregnancy process. The medicine can be form as antibiotic or vitamins which suit with your need.

  1. Get your exercise routine.

As we know that exercise brings some benefits, and one of them is increasing you chance to get pregnancy. However, too much exercise can cause the opposite result. For recommendation, you can do the lighter exercise, such as: walking around an half hour and do it in 3 times within a week.

  1. Consume the fertilizer food.

You can start eating the food that good for your reproductive system, such as: lean meats, fish, plant protein, complex carbohydrate and some milk products.

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