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What to Expect from Best Pregnancy Spa Treatment

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For most women, pregnancy is an exciting happy moment, especially when they have the best services from the pregnancy spa.

As you know, pregnancy not only give you achy joints but it also give you swollen feet and natural worries. In this case some relaxing activities such as yoga and prenatal massage is advantageous for both mom and the baby. Pregnant women often whine how they feel aches on their back and stomach, how their feet got swollen, and the like.

pregnancy spa treatmentSo more than anybody, pregnant women have right to get some pampering. However, before pregnant women search what best pregnancy spa treatment in their town. Some experts recommend them to find out what to expect from spa treatment to make their pregnancy more comfortable.

“Spa treatment can relieve stress. It also make your baby stay calm,” explains the director of Mandarin Oriental Spa, Tracy McClellan. “Furthermore, prenatal massage can also improves circulation, minimizes swelling or edema, and makes the mother sleep better,” adds her.

What Does the Best Pregnancy Spa Treatment Have?

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Every spa usually have massage treatment for the customers. Just so you know, massage treatment for pregnant women should be different with massage treatment for regular customers, for example, the position. While regular customers often doing massaging by lying flat on their back. Pregnant customers are good and wise to not do that.

After first trimester pregnancy, lying flat on the back could cause pressure on blood vessels. Therefore prenatal massage should be given when the customers are lying on their side or semi reclined. The best pregnancy spa treatment would use special pregnancy cushions. So that their customers would feel comfortable during the massage.

But be remember that not all spa have this equipment. So make sure you ask about it when you call them for booking.

Before the therapist apply the lotions for massaging, tell them to use unscented lotion. Pregnant women usually have sensitive smell. Strong fragrance from aromatherapy oil might cause some reaction to pregnant women such as nausea, vomit, or uterine contractions. Essential oils like chamomile, rose, lavender, geranium and rosemary have strong fragrance that pregnant women are advised to avoid.

Why Massages?

Reflexology is a type of massages that give pressures on specific points on the body such as ears, hands, and feet. It can reduce swollen feet, relieve tired feet, and reduce stress level. However, before you take reflexology, you should find out whether the therapists are certified to do reflexology on pregnant women.

The certified therapist would know what areas that they shouldn’t apply pressures. Pregnant women will be far better not to do spa treatments that increase body temperatures such as sauna, body wrap, steam room, and the like. These kind of treatment might harm the baby or cause miscarriage.

Final Thought

You should consult to your doctor prior the prenatal massage to check whether you can get massage treatment or not. You also should tell the spa facilities how long your pregnancy is. Some facilities won’t accept pregnant women in the first four months pregnancy because this term has highest risk of miscarriage than the other terms. Some facilities even ask for written consent from doctor before they finally give the best pregnancy spa treatment to you. Be sure your therapist is fully licensed and trained in prenatal techniques, so that, for instance, no part of the massage compresses the baby.

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