pregnancy tea recipe

Recommended Pregnancy Tea Recipe

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So, what did you last time crave? Black forest cake? Warm chocolate? or was it a delicious, aromatic tea?

Well, some kinds of tea are actually not really good to consume during the pregnancy. There are some risks you can probably experience including the damage of infant’s cells and even abortion. However, it doesn’t mean that the tea isn’t worth a try.

In fact, there are some recipes which are recommended. However, you should better pay attention more to the ways of consumption so that it becomes really good for both you and the baby. So, what are they?

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The Best Collections of Pregnancy Tea Recipe

pregnancy tea recipe1. Peppermint Tea

Peppermint tea is basically composed from two main ingredients as the name, they are herbal tea and peppermint.

Drinking this kind of tea as the beverage twice a week is a very good practice at the early weeks of your pregnancy.

The combination of tea and peppermint here can simply relieve some symptoms like morning sickness, pain, and dizziness during the pregnancy. More than that, the taste is also suitable for you who want to have a better mood.

Sure, once consuming the tea, make sure that it is only at the amount of a small cup.

2. Green Tea

Since a long time ago, green tea is known as one of the drink which is really rich of antioxidant. It means that its benefits are so numerous particularly in term of maintaining your immune system and anti aging.

If you consume it in the right amount, green tea will give you some benefits as it is also able to keep your blood circulation well.

Similar with the peppermint tea, you should only consume it around twice a week. More green tea consumption can give more risks as it avoids your body to absorb the folat acid.

3. Chamomile Tea

Compared to the above two teas, many experts consider that chamomile tea is the safest one. One of the merits you can get by drinking this tea is about its ability in avoiding insomnia.

Well, it is more related to the psychology condition actually. As your mind tends to be calm, you can just find more qualified daily sleep.

4. Ginger Tea

Ginger tea is also very beneficial in maintaining your body condition during the pregnancy.

Particularly, it is helpful enough to avoid some symptoms like morning sickness, dizziness, hangover, back pain, and others. It can also make your body feel fresh by letting your blood circulate well.

The way to make it is also very easy, it is by brewing the tea along with the ginger at once.

So, do you have your own favorite best pregnancy tea recipe?

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