The Best 2 Market Leaders Of Home Pregnancy Tests Review

Best Pregnancy Test – There is no birth control method on earth is a hundred percent effective. There are always a lot of chances for error because it just only need a single sperm to make the egg fertilized.

Pregnancy test is a method conducted by individuals or healthcare professionals to know whether a woman is pregnant or not. They are usually simple urine tests or blood tests.

The test aims to determine a special hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin or hCG. This hormone is only found in a pregnant woman’s body. Every pregnancy test kits available on the market work based on this method.

The pregnant women are simply able to take the tests at home. The test kits are ordinarily available in most drugstores near you.

If you decide to choose a home pregnancy test, make sure to test follow all of the directions on its label. You will see the result in a very short time. You will get either positive which means you’re pregnant and negative which means you’re not pregnant.

Although not done very often, healthcare professionals are also able to perform the most accurate pregnancy test by testing your blood.

But, of course, it will surely demand a lot of money from your pocket.

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When to Take a Pregnancy Test?

For most case, you can conduct the tests at least a week after you missed your period. This is considered as the best time to get most accurate result.

Even some brands amazingly work less than a week before your missed period. For more details, follow the instructions on the label to know more when it may work best.

In most cases, the pregnancy tests perform accurately as a woman gets closer to her expected period. The question now is:

Which one is the best pregnancy test to buy? Check it out!

first response home pregnancy testFirst Response Pregnancy Test

This is a standard home pregnancy test that is considered to be more, and probably the most, sensitive than any other brands available on the market. That’s why many consider that it’s the best pregnancy test on the market.

The study of University of New Mexico in 2005 proved that from seven most popular home pregnancy tests, First Response Pregnancy Test was the best performance in identifying early pregnancy.

This brand is actually the market leader for any home pregnancy tests.

When to Take a Pregnancy Test?

  • It says 6 days before your missed period (other variants say 4 days)

How to Do the Test?

  • Put you urine on the stick for exactly five seconds
  • Set it down for three minutes

The Results?

  • Congrats! You are pregnant if you have two lines (even if you find another line is lighter)
  • You are not pregnant if you have one line

How Much Does It Cost?

  • You can do three test for only $19

clear blue home pregnancy testClear Blue Pregnancy Test

Another best brand you can find easily on drugstore is Clear Blue Pregnancy Test. This is the real competitor of First Response Pregnancy Test.

Additionally, it has an ergonomic and nice design, wide color-altering tip, long stick and some variants are curved. Other variant features a digital interface on its stick. You can read the results directly from a tiny screen on the stick.

This standard stick test claims that the results are as incredibly accurate as a doctor’s urine tests to determine a woman is pregnant.

Just like First Response, Clear Blue Pregnancy Test also claims that it’s a 99% accurate when you use from the first day of your missed.

When to Take a Pregnancy Test?

  • It says 6 days before your missed period

How to Do the Test?

  • Put you urine on the tip of the test
  • The tip will turn pink at the time the urine goes on it
  • Wait for about 2 minutes and you’ll see the blue line appears in the control frame

The Results?

  • Congrats! You are pregnant if you see the plus sign (even its lines is fainted)
  • You are not pregnant if you see the minus sign

How Much Does It Cost?

  • You can do three test for around $17.5

Final Thought

Different pregnancy, different result. And if you test too early, even with a most sensitive pregnancy test, the number of hCG in urine might not be sufficient enough to detect and give you a false negative outcome. When the result says you’re not pregnant, it often makes you confuse and upset. Just do the tests only when you get a week after your missed period because it’s the best pregnancy test time to get the best result.

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