safe mosquito repellent for pregnancy

How To Use Safe Mosquito Repellent For Pregnancy

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Is mosquito repellent safe for pregnancy? If you’re asking how to prevent mosquito bites especially for both pregnant woman and the baby, the answer is just simple: mosquito repellent!

If you find the mosquitoes attack you more while you’re in pregnant, you’re not daydreaming.

The experts have done research that a woman in pregnant attract mosquitoes twice in number compared to as a non-pregnant woman.

The scientists conclude that the troublesome insects are loving of carbon dioxide and guess?

Yes. Pregnant moms are likely to take more frequent breaths. They exhales 22% more air to their body and thereby they release additional numbers of extra amounts of the air that the insects are so attracted to.

Another reason is the pregnant women generally have higher body heats than other moms do. This causes pregnant moms release more hot-blooded materials from their skin and finally makes the pregnant moms a lot easier for insects to find and bite.

Are Mosquito Bites Dangerous for Pregnancy?

safe mosquito repellent for pregnancyOccasionally.

The CDC once has stated that microcephaly, a rare baby-born with small head, is caused by Zika virus that infected a pregnant woman. This, of course, will result in developmental delays.

Is mosquito repellent safe for pregnancy?

With caution, absolutely.

The best and quickest approach to prevent mosquito bites and bad effects they dispel is applying bug repellent. It’s particularly very effective to use safe bug spray for pregnancy when you’re spending much time outside home.

Simple Ways to Use Safe Mosquito Repellent for Pregnancy

1. Stay Inside Home as Much as You Can

Do that especially from dawn to dusk.


Because it’s peak mosquito hours. They are bringing you Zika, dengue and chikungunya frequently in the daylight hours.

If you decide to go outside, make sure to use safe sunscreen for pregnancy before applying bug repellent to protect your skin from UV-rays.

2. Apply Mosquito Repellents with 10% picaridin or DEET

This two ingredients are particularly safe for pregnant moms and older than 2-month babies.

3. Don’t Use Insect Repellents to the Mouth or Eyes

Never directly spray it to your face and use it carefully around the ears. The correct way to use safe bug spray for pregnancy is spraying it first to your hands and then apply it over your ears or face.

4. Don’t Ever Try to Apply Repellents on Wounds or Injured Skin

You know, it’s dangerous!

5. Use Protective Outfit with Permethrin

The clothing includes socks, boots, pants, tents and long sleeves when possible. Apply safe mosquito repellent for pregnancy only to uncovered skin and clothing and not under your clothing.

But, if you find using that clothing less practical during pregnancy, you can inexpensively buy it and applying the product directly on your outfit.

Just don’t apply the permethrin directly on your skin.

6. Sleep in Rooms with AC or Screened Areas

You know it very effective to prevent mosquitoes flying around.

7. Use the Repellents Properly as Instructed on the Product Label

Enough is enough. Heavy application doesn’t practically give you longer and better protection. Rinse well applied skin with antiseptic soap and water or take a shower.

Read the directions on labels very carefully and make sure not to reuse more frequent than recommended. This is extra important when you use repellents repeatedly in a day or on consecutive days.

8. Watch for CDC Travel Warning

They are responsible for your safety. Stick on all its instructions and recommendations.

9. Stop Using Repellents if You Experience Bad Effect from It

Immediately wash your skin using water and a mild soap. Go to a doctor if the effect continues.

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