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7 Killer Rules To Use Safe Sunscreen During Pregnancy

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Many pregnant women understand what they put in their bodies is essential to their growing baby. They also know whether it’s the proper kind of mineral, protein, special types of fish or it’s too much caffeine. But, you will find a different situation if they are asked how to use safe sunscreen during pregnancy.

Many of them might not realize that what they put on their skin is just as important and simply don’t much know what sunscreen to use when pregnant.

Women absolutely want to keep themselves beautiful during their pregnancy. The use of safe sunscreen during pregnancy will protect their skin from negative impacts of the sunlight especially when leaving the house.

The pregnant women’s skin is very sensitive to UV rays in the early stages of pregnancy. But, who can just miss out on summer vacation?

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Smart Way to Use Safe Sunscreen during Pregnancy

It is very important for pregnant women to apply safe sunscreen for pregnancy. When you are in pregnant, hormones leave more sensitive skin to sunlight.

Melanocytes, the pigment that produces skin cells react more actively to the sun shine. It often causes chloasma, frequently known as “The Mask of Pregnancy.”

You can see it as dark brown splotches on your nice skin. That’s why pregnant women should use safe sunscreen for pregnancy by considering chemicals that contain in the sunscreens that are not safe for pregnancy.

Is your sunscreen safe for pregnancy?

To assure that your sunscreen safe for pregnancy, make sure it contains safe sunscreen ingredients and just follow the below tips for your healthy and silky skin and have fun on summer:

1. Drink Lots of Water

The best option to stay hydrated!

Also, try to stay away of the sunlight during peak hours. Overheating and dehydration can lead to preterm complications.

2. Buy a Physical or Mineral Sunblocks

Why not chemical one?

Chemical sunblocks contain ingredients like oxybenzone, avobenzone, homosalate and other potentially harmful additives interfere with your natural hormones.

These chemicals have been linked to the low birth weight. They are also potential risk for future disease such as coronary heart, hypertension and diabetes type-2.

3. Avoid Hazardous Chemicals

They’re including ingredients like homosalate, octocrylene, para-aminobenzoic acid and 4-methylbenzylidene camphor. These dangerous chemicals can also cause allergic reactions and irritate your skin.

4. Limit the Use of Vitamin A

Vitamin A is also called retinol, retinyl acetate and retinyl palmitate. It often speeds the development of lesions and skin tumors.

5. Never Leave Your Home without Applying Sunscreen

Look forward to the brand you desire. Ask your doctor whether it contains protection against rays of UVA and UVB or not. The UVA ray is infamous causes of skin discoloration while UVB rays is risking for skin cancer.

Be aware of a high Sun Protection Factor (SPF). The numbers attached often give you a wrong sense of security!

The Skin Cancer Foundation listed the following good guidance:

  • SPF 15 blocks 93% of UVB rays
  • SPF 30 blocks 97% of UVB rays
  • and SPF 50 blocks 98% of UVB rays

So, if you purchase a sunscreen with SPF 100, it doesn’t mean two times as good as SPF 50.

Consult your doctor, not every sunscreen is safe to use. Safe sunscreen during pregnancy should contain SPF at least 30.

Reapply it every 2 hours for your safety. Do it more frequently when you are in and out of water. What makes your skin save is frequent reapplying.

6.  Use Sunscreen with Water Resistant for Double Protection

This tips is used if you plan to go swimming somewhere. Reapply your sunscreen every 2 hours especially when you feel sweating.

Try to avoid sunscreens that contain with bug repellent too.

7. Choose Sunscreens with Oil Free Option

Note that pregnancy hormones also often cause skin problem such as acne and pimples. Using cosmetic with oil base or oil containing can make your acne and other skin problem worsening.

Final Thought

If you are looking for safe sunscreen during pregnancy brands according to best sunscreen consumer reports, then these two will do the jobs: Coppertone Water Baby’s Sunscreen and Equate Baby Sunscreen. Both offer you a smooth sunscreen. It’s oil free, water base and safe content without any dangerous chemicals.

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