secret how to make sperm stronger for pregnancy

7 Secret How To Make Sperm Stronger For Pregnancy

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Do your swimmers often fail to reach the finish line? If so, it’s now the perfect time for you to do a little lifestyle adjustment to show the egg that they just can do far better.

The female’s fertility is taking a great part for pregnancy, and male’s is another huge part.

You can analyze the quality, quantity and movement of the sperm to know its current health status. The mobility is extremely important for your sperm to reach the egg. Researchers say that it should be over 40% of your sperm to be active swimmers.

The more mobile means more fertile.

how to make sperm stronger for pregnancyYour swimmers must accomplish their job in around 14 hours. That’s the time of the egg has, once discharged, it remains workable.

Success can only depend on the sperm swimming agility.

The sperm quantity also plays an important role to fertility. Low sperm count and pregnancy are closely related. What is the sperm count required for pregnancy then? Males tend to be more fertile if they can release over 15 millions sperms every one millimeter!

So, if you ask how to increase chances of pregnancy with low sperm count is almost hard to do because the first thing you should worry about these little guys is their quality. The stronger and healthier sperms you produce, the more fertile you will be.

And here it comes…

7 Secret How to Make Sperm Stronger for Pregnancy

1. Avoid the Bad Guys

Free Radicals: More than 90% of the sperm might be too weak to conquer the egg.

A shocking truth!

And one may be to blame is free radicals, says Agarwal. This Harvard scientist guides to eat rich antioxidant lycopene food. Consuming a quarter cup of tomato sauce can be a great quick boost.

Smoking: This bad guy significantly reduces your sperm mobility and in the same time decreases its quantity. You should attempt to stop it whatever it takes.

The sooner the better!

Try to stop smoking 3 months approximately because your swimmers production will take around 12 weeks. Similar to smoking, you should try to quit using other dangerous drugs including marijuana.

Alcohol: Why? The intake of alcohol has been related to a cause of sperm abnormalities and a low production. A couple intakes a day may be just fine but more than two drinks often destroys the little guys and its performance.

Caffeine and Soda: This two intake will decrease the number and concentration of sperm. The experts advised not taking more than 300 mg or about three serving of 6-ounces a day to keep your little guys strong and healthy.

2. Eat Healthy Foods

how to make sperm stronger for pregnancy with healthy foodHow to make sperm healthy for pregnancy is as easy as listing some healthy food to your diet. Your food lists can impact both of your belt size and below it.

To keep your little guys strong, eat two great sources of zinc and folate every day, says Men’s Health Nutrition advisor Alan Aragon, M.S.

All you need is a healthy pregnancy food list and balanced diet that includes all the major essential food and the specific nutrients as well.

The list of super nutrients below will be a greatly support for you on how to make sperm stronger for pregnancy.

Here take a look…

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Vitamin B9: This guy has been related to higher number of healthy sperm. Known as folate, is a type of folic acid that naturally created by the body. Start to add your intake through orange, green veges, legumes and potatoes beside of taking of supplements.

Vitamin D: Your sperm mobility will be at the top level if you have good enough vitamin D in your daily foods. Cereals, margarine, and oily fish are the top three of food where you can find vitamin D. You can also directly receive it for free through sunshine in the morning.

Zinc and Selenium: Having enough in taking these nutrients can keep your sperm quality and mobility. You can get Zinc on dark chicken meat. Eat plenty of it! Next queue like extra-lean minced beef and baked beans will do the same. Selenium can easily found in bread, fish, eggs, meat, and delicious Brazil nuts.

Antioxidants: Consuming a variety of veges and fruits will supply your antioxidant needs. Vitamin C, vitamin E and beta-carotene are antioxidants that significantly improve the quality of your sperm and further prevent free radicals to damage the cell membranes.

Medications: Be aware! Write down of all the supplements, vitamins and the medications you have before planning the conception process.

Consult the list with your trusted doctor because some medications will give you the bad effect on your sperm either on its quantity or the quality. The doctor will guide you what fertility-friendly medications or alternatives you should get when necessary.

3. Stay Cool

The next great tips how to make sperm stronger for pregnancy is your testicles need low specific temperature to produce the little swimmers. Every activities that result in overheating can lower the sperm quantity. To be 15 minute sessions in hot tubs, saunas, and steam rooms at least three times a week will put your healthy sperm in danger.

Also keeping your notebook directly on your lap can do the same. Depending on how you sit, this will drastically increase the heat level of the scrotum up to 30 degrees.

Try to put the notebook on a desk or table, or use a cooling tray to keep it cool. Looser clothing will too be a good choice as it gives the testicles space to stay a little away from your body.

4. Watch Your Weight

Both underweight and overweight can adversely affect a man’s sperm and both can also impact performance and libido, completely hurting a couple’s private life.

Refer to a healthy and good diet with a mix of fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, grains and dairy. Taking any physical activities will also be a good choice to make.

5. Works-Out Regularly

how to make sperm stronger for pregnancy by exercise“A natural ejaculation can deliver up to 150 millions sperm. To optimize this payload, you need to do exercise outside the home,” Agarwal added further.

The next fact is Harvard scientists found that males who exercised the most had a 30% higher healthy sperm quantity than those who worked out the least.

That’s because gym time burns fat while improving testosterone.

Do not exercise the same muscle group on the following days so the muscle can rebuild and have time to rest. It can be hard to schedule a work-out routine, but when you can find the rhythm, you will find your sperm production significantly increase. Exercise releases testosterone and this helps the sperm production.

Remember too that your testosterone will significantly decrease if you exercise too often. Over-exercise can lead to your testosterone level decreases.

6. Reduce Stresses

One thing the peoples often ignore about how to make sperm stronger for pregnancy is their stress level. Stress can greatly affect your sperm production and sexual performance.

Get relax, release your worries and make both your body and mind focus and healthy.

In addition to this, make sure you have enough sleep every day. The quantity of sperm may decrease if you keep working a half day without any rest.

Remember, the cells that control testosterone will be blocked by stress hormones if your days are nothing but over-stressed. The scary result is your body might quit sperm creation.

7. See the Doctor

If you hope that the doctor will guide you how to make sperm stronger for pregnancy, then forget it.

But, getting a complete checkup are highly recommended for both parties (the husband and the wife) before start trying to plan a pregnancy.

This should be a best way to keep on track of desired health.

Your doctor will inform you if you have specific genetic condition that might be a concern for the mom and the baby. He will also let you know the other health issue to consider.

And finally, he will tell you if you have to adjust your weight or lifestyle, or change your medication to improve fertility.

Final Thought

The above list about how to make sperm stronger for pregnancy will greatly help you find the right away to begin trying to conceive. It is clear that just a little lifestyle changes alone can save your day.

So, are you ready to build your little troops?

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