signs of a healthy pregnancy

Understanding The Signs Of A Healthy Pregnancy

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For every first time pregnant mom, the signs and symptoms of pregnancy can be confusing, for example, the bleeding. Most of them have thought that bleeding is the sign of miscarriage, though it often is just usual symptoms of pregnancy.

One thing to remember, a healthy pregnancy demands one very important thing: one healthy woman!

Yes. A pregnant woman has everything related to a normal weight, a nutritious and healthy diet, and scheduled works-out.

Is Mine Showing the Signs of a Healthy Pregnancy?

signs of a healthy pregnancyYou might want to read: Healthy signs at 5 weeks of pregnancy.

In order to know whether your pregnancy is healthy or not, you should pay attention to every change in your normal state.

Therefore, every pregnant women should understand which signs of a healthy pregnancy and which are not, and know when to call their doctor.

Some signs are normal and good and the others might be bad for your pregnancy. Let’s check it out.

1. Bleeding

Bleeding or spotting is common happened in the first trimester. In fact, around 25 percent of pregnant women have bleeding in their early stage of pregnancy. Be cautious when you have bleeding accompanied by cramping because it may lead to miscarriage. Call your doctor immediately if you have any bleeding at any times.

2. Contraction

After 24 weeks of pregnancy, you may experience Braxton-Hicks contractions or the uterine contractions as one of the signs of a healthy pregnancy. But don’t be panic because they are just random contractions. Don’t be confuse with real labor contractions.

Real labor contractions will be at regular intervals, and have increasing frequency and intensity. While random contractions will be irregular. Call your doctor immediately if you experience the regular contractions, for example, every 5 minutes. Count the times to make sure you have the real labor contractions.

3. Cramping

At the first trimester, cramping often occur because the blood flow is increasing to the uterus and the pelvic organs. Be cautious and call your doctor when you experience cramping on only one side or when it is accompanied by bleeding.

These symptoms may lead to ectopic pregnancy or ovarian cyst that may harm your life. You should call your doctor too if you have serious cramping in the advanced stages of pregnancy. It may lead to premature birth.

4. Swelling

Hormone changes is the main cause why you got swollen along your pregnancy. Be cautious and call your doctor if you get sudden swelling and a headache especially at the third trimester.

These symptoms may lead to preeclampsia, the dangerous condition for pregnant women because of high blood pressures.

5. Dampness on Underpants

When your uterus growing bigger, it puts pressure on the bladder. So, don’t be surprised if you wet yourself without realizing it. Call your doctor if you have the excessive waters at the late stages of pregnancy. This might be the amniotic fluid leaking and lead to early labor.

6. Excessive Mucus Discharge from Vital Organ

This is one of the signs of a healthy pregnancy. The uterus which is constantly changing during the pregnancy can result mucus discharge. You should call your doctor if you have vaginal discharge, and you also feel itching and burning, and smell foul stench from your genital organ.

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