signs of healthy pregnancy 9 weeks

The Essential Signs Of Healthy Pregnancy 9 Weeks

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At the nine weeks, you probably do not seem pregnancy to other peoples. But, you still see the changes inside your body. You will gain the weight within the nine weeks. You do not need start eating for two at this time. Your calorie need does not cage until you enter in second trimester.

Even in your second trimester, you only need the additional calorie around 300 calories in a day. You can consult with your doctor, if you already gained so much weight. You can ask for advice to develop your healthy diet routine.

What are the Signs?

signs of healthy pregnancy 9 weeksYou may wonder about how can the signs of healthy pregnancy 9 weeks be seen?

Well, it’s quite tickling.

But first, you can measure your size before pregnancy and you may feel tighter because of your thickening waistline or the hormone induced bloating.

Then, your breast also growing fuller and your nipple start darker, your blood volume also increase in order to bring the nutrition for your baby. You may notice that you veins start more prominent than before. These all are reliable for the signs of healthy pregnancy 9 weeks.

Changes in Your Body during 9 Weeks of Pregnancy

  • Your breast sixe is increase

You breast size is increase because the ducts and gland start develop in this early pregnancy. You can see the small blue veins that usually supply the blood, you should use the comfort maternity bra for your convenience.

  • The uterus size.

The uterus size is increases in double fold and currently the size will similar with the small melon.

  • You may feel the pain in abdomen.

With the increasing of uterus, you may feel cramp and pain in your lower abdomen part. The uterus is growing and contract during the pregnancy.

  • The heartburn.

The hormone like progesterone helps to expand your body with your growth baby. But, this hormone also slower your food movement along with the digestive system. Therefore, as the result, you will feel the heartburn.

  • The veins bulge.

You will find the veins bulge in hands and legs as well. This thing happens because the extra bowl that flowing, they protect your baby when you stand or lie down. They also protect your baby to against the loss of blood during labor.

–       The nipples change.

Your nipple will get bigger and darker, the small pimples around your areola will appear or known as the Montgomery’s Tubercles. They help the nipples to provide milk.

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