things to do to have a healthy pregnancy

Top 7 Things To Do To Have A Healthy Pregnancy

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For most women, pregnancy is a perfect moment to begin taking ideal care of themselves either physically or emotionally. Every pregnant woman should know about the right things to do to have a healthy pregnancy.

I am sure that if you pay attention to the following guidelines below, you will have more best chance of having a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby.

What Things to Do to Have a Healthy Pregnancy?

things to do to have a healthy pregnancy1. Plan the Pregnancy Well

You can have a healthy pregnancy if you plan it well before. It is recommended to consume minimally 400 mg of folic acid and vitamin B. This surely prevent neural tube faults as your starting multivitamin. Besides, you also should stop smoking, consuming recreational drugs and also drinking alcohol.

You also need to have preconception checkup to review your pregnancy safety, test transmitted infections, update immunizations, and properly treat any health problems in your body.

2. Get Early Prenatal Care from a Trusted Obstetrician

You and your baby will be more healthy if you regularly visit the ob/gyn.The babies who never get early prenatal care have 5-times risk to die and 3-times risk to get low weight than the babies who get regular prenatal care.

If the doctors see your condition regularly, they are able to detect the your health early problems early. This greatly give the doctor more chance and time to treat the problems early. This early spot can help the doctor to cure your problems prevent others.

3. Get Supports from Your Surrounding

Emotional and practical supports are important to get healthy pregnancy and prevent prenatal depression and anxiety. Try to diminish stress trigger in your life.

The excellent way for a pregnant lady is to feel happy. Stay happy and conscious about your pregnancy and thank God for His beautiful giving.

Get it from your surrounding including spouse, family members, good doctor, midwife, childbirth instructor, or friends.

It will lead to the more filling child birth and decrease the needs of pain medication and even Cesarean.

4. Understanding the Dangerous Signs in Pregnancy

It belongs to the most important things to do to have a healthy pregnancy. The dangerous signs are such as dizziness, breath shortness, fainting, nausea and vomiting.

Other symptoms are fast heartbeat, difficulty to walk, blurry vision, burning or pain during urination, decrease fetal activity in more than 24 hours or pronounced swelling. You should see a doctor or midwife if you get sick during pregnancy.

5. Eat Nutritious Foods but Not for Two

You need to count every calorie intake and consume nutritious foods containing folate, protein, iron that will promote you and your baby. Besides, make sure that the foods also contain high fiber that can prevent constipation.

Drink plenty water to support the increased volume of blood. Avoid heartburn and keep healthy blood sugar level by eating 4-5 small meals every day.

Don’t eat risky foods such as under-cooked meats and eggs, raw seafood or eggs, large fish, and unpasteurized soft cheeses. Also don’t consume more than 200 milligrams or 12 ounces coffee per day.

6. Get Move Regularly

It is important for a pregnant woman to get exercise at least 30 minutes per day, 6-7 days per week, except the medical condition doesn’t possible it. You can do stretching and other exercise to ease the back pain, morning sickness and constipation.

Additionally, the regular exercise will also help strengthen your heart and also lungs to get ready to the giving birth time. The exercise will also prevent excessive weight gain and reduce stress during pregnancy.

Consult your doctor to know more things to do to have a healthy pregnancy.

7. Regularly See Your Doctor

Feel free to call your doctor every time you find a discomfort or problem. So, if you are feeling like abdomen or back pains, steady headaches, swollen legs and heavy breathing, call your doctor quickly. It has been fragile time for you and your baby. Keep alarmed because there is no problem is too little.

Final Thought

Ladies, you do have a big responsibility to take care of the life that is developing inside of your womb. Think through the previous tips about things to do to have a healthy pregnancy as you walk at the path of wonderful motherhood.

Thank you for reading!

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