tips for healthy pregnancy in second trimester

Easy Nutrients Tips For Healthy Pregnancy In Second Trimester

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How to maintain a healthy pregnancy in second trimester must be still important to learn even though you have better condition than in the first trimester. The nausea has gone away in this pregnancy period and this is the right time to enjoy kinds of healthy foods to make the pregnancy healthier.

That’s why it is the best time of pregnancy because you will feel full much faster in the third trimester. Please refer to important signs of a healthy pregnancy at 5 weeks to know more about healthy early pregnancy.

What Nutrient Tips For Healthy Pregnancy In Second Trimester?

1. Consume Enough Omega-3

Food supplement of omega 3 like cod liver oil is important to consume in the second trimester of your pregnancy. The essential fatty acids are crucial for proper baby growth, especially the brain, hormones, nervous system, and also body tissue.

2. Iron Consumption

tips for healthy pregnancy in second trimesterIn the second trimester, the circulatory system in your body is expanded and making more blood. It may cause dizziness in hot weather, in the shower, or upon stand up.

Why does it happen?

Yes, It is absolutely caused by the small blood vessels dilation. It decreases the flowing back of the blood to the heart. That is why you need adequate iron intakes for the red blood formation increasing.

The lack of iron will make you anemic in the second trimester of pregnancy. Consume foods that can help increasing blood cells such as grass fed beef, beans, Turkish apricot, chicken, eggs pumpkin seeds and also dark leafy greens.

3. Consume Enough Protein

Consuming enough sums of protein is the next important nutrients tips for healthy pregnancy in second trimester. Protein is from amino acids that build cells blocks inside your body and your baby. Protein is also important to give energy to your body.

You have to consume minimally 70-90 grams protein per day during pregnancy. You may consume whey protein powder that contains 16 grams of protein in every scoop.

4. Calcium and Magnesium along with Vitamin D

Together with vitamin D, calcium and magnesium are important for the developing of fetus’s bone and tissue formation. Meanwhile, the development occurs quickly as long as the second trimester. Calcium will also greatly help the muscles working smoothly and blood clotting.

Therefore, it will also prevent preeclampsia and high blood pressure. While magnesium will help preventing leg cramps together with calcium. Leg cramps commonly occur in the beginning of second trimester. It usually continues to the third trimester.

You can consume kinds of foods that contain high calcium and magnesium. It can be found on organic dairy products, red raspberry leaf, dark green leafy veggies, nuts and seeds, whole grains, figs, black strap molasses, and also quinoa.

You should support the works of calcium and magnesium by taking vitamin D sources too. It will hugely increase the absorption of calcium, improve immune system, prevent depression and help hormone production.

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