what are the first signs of pregnancy

The Ultimate 20 First Signs Of Pregnancy You Need To Know

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What are the very first signs of pregnancy? Well, to answer this question you should understand that there are some early signs of pregnancy you can identify when you are pregnant. The sooner you can identify, the better you can prepare future lifestyle changes for both of you and the baby.

Of course, to make sure that you are really pregnant is by conducting some pregnancy tests. You can do a home pregnancy test or the more accurate blood pregnancy test.

But before that, it’s always fun to know a rundown of some pregnancy symptoms every woman should understand.

So, What are the First Signs of Pregnancy Actually?

what are the first signs of pregnancyEvery woman has different signs of pregnancy.

And to make you easier to identify those early signs of pregnancy, here we give you the most complete first signs of pregnancy you could experience when you are pregnant or planning for pregnancy:

1. Swollen, Tender or Sore Breasts

This is probably the very first sign of pregnancy.

When you are really pregnant, you’ll experience that your breasts may become tender to the touch.

Confusingly, that feeling may be also similar to a symptom of pre-menstruation. You will find that your breasts a little bigger, heavy, sensitive and sore due to increased level of estrogen and progesterone.

2. Missed Period or Light Period

Another most classic, very first sign of pregnancy is missing your period.

Unfortunately, this isn’t always a definitive or relevant sign of pregnancy. Many factors like high level stress, poor diet, thyroid disorder and other factors can also cause irregular periods. And surprisingly, some pregnant women might still have a notable light period.

3. Back Pain

When pregnant, your ligaments are naturally loosening. But, you shouldn’t worry too much for it is a normal thing even you experience it through your whole pregnancy.

the first signs of pregnancy4. Fatigue

One of very common early signs of pregnancy is fatigue or exhaustion.

It commonly happens in the first 3 months of your pregnancy. One of the main causes of this exhaustion is excess progesterone in your body.

5. Morning Sickness

Morning sickness is a condition of being vomiting or sickness at some other times of your day.

Although its name refers to an early time of the day, the discomfort feeling isn’t always limited to mornings. You will feel somewhat nauseated when you experience it.

You need some smart and easy treatments to cure morning sickness such as considering the right foods and drinks to consume.

6. Nausea

A very closely related to morning sickness. Nausea can be triggered by odors that you’re okay with them before. Additionally, you can feel it in the day or night.

7. Constipation

Is constipation a sign of pregnancy? Well, the study has shown that the increased level of progesterone during your pregnancy is also reported to be a cause of a different periods of constipation.

8. Cramping

One of the first signs of pregnancy to mention is cramping. It sometime happens when embryo is implanted within uterus as a part of conception stage although some women experience it during their monthly menstrual cycle.

You should consult your doctor immediately if needed due to cramping is a possible sign of miscarriage.

9. Mood Swings or Emotions Changes

For most women, being pregnant is a wonderful stage of life. But, it also takes a cost on a woman’s body and mind.

One you should remember, the hormonal and physical changes during pregnancy can make you feel more emotional, exciting, depression and upset at times.

10. Sensitivity to Particular Odors or Tastes

It is also very usual for pregnant woman to become more sensitive against particular odors and tastes. Something like the odor of gasoline, cigarette smoke and perfume often make a woman become nearly impossible to handle them.

the first signs of pregnancy11. Craving for Certain Foods and Reject the Others

Beside of feeling more hunger during pregnancy, most women is also craving for some preferred foods.

A woman who might before have crazy of pizzas might now have no intention at all.

On the contrary, someone who never love hamburgers prior to conception could develop a crazy craving of them.

12. Frequent Urination

Another common experience when you get pregnant. This is due to the amount of blood and other fluids in your body increases during pregnancy.

It means that your kidneys processes extra fluid and give your bladder more fluid. This usually starts six to eight weeks after your last conception.

13. Shortening Breaths

Another common first sign of pregnancy is shortening breaths. This frequently happens a little later on, just like frequent urination. However, sometime a pregnant woman will have an immediate problem of usual air intake due to the developing fetus needs extra oxygen.

14. Headaches

You should aware too that increased level of hormone during your pregnancy can develop headaches in the early time of pregnancy.

15. Vaginal Discharge

Not surprisingly. You will begin to experience it soon after conception. Also, the higher growth of cells lining the vagina is also reported to be a main cause of vaginal discharge.

16. Bleeding

Do not worry. Another early sign of pregnancy is bleeding. Though it sounds horror, it frequently happens very light. The only noticeable difference to a menstrual cycle is the bleeding will stop after a single day or two.

17. Acne or Pimples

Yes. Your current pregnancy can initiate acne and even worsen existing ones. In few cases, those acne might be severe or mild. And what is to blame? Hormones!

18. Increased Gas

Really? One of the most common first sign of pregnancy. You will experience increasing gas (flatulence) not only during the first month of pregnancy but also the next while nine months. This may occur even before your missed period.

19. Heartburn

Another early sign of pregnancy you could experience is digestive changes due to increase in progesterone levels. You will find the condition where some of the your stomach contents are pushed back to the esophagus. This leads to a burning pain in the your lower chest.

20. Fullness

This may be the most unusual sensation. Yet the feeling fullness is another common first signs of pregnancy. A pregnant woman can experience it even before her missed period.

Time to Get a Pregnancy Test?

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Definitely. You can be confused by above pregnancy symptoms at any number of conditions. But, at least when finding someone asking you what are the first signs of pregnancy then you have already pocketed the answers.

And if the questions are still swimming in your head, you can conduct a home pregnancy test using your urine sample from the very first day of your missed period.

You can purchase the test kits from nearest pharmacies. You can also take a blood pregnancy test for more accurate result. And once you sure you are pregnant, consult your doctor to begin planning about your forthcoming lifestyle changes. Congratulation!

So, what are the first signs of pregnancy? You already know the most complete possible answers.


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